About us

cache_1290245.jpgIt is the mission of West Coast Publishing and the Washington Military Resource Directory to streamline the lives of our military members in and out of active-duty with our technology resources. Through our phone app, website and other digital components, all past and present service members will have access to any number on base, nationally and globally, as well as contact information for local amenities, services and aid. It is our passion to serve the men and women who make it possible for us to live a life of freedom every day.

Our office has two components

Not only does Washington Military Resource Media spend countless hours researching and  getting involved with the military community around the state, but our team actively looks to make soldiers’ and their families lives better each and every day by providing them with the best resources for all of their needs. With that, our office also takes part in the local business community and strives to help small business owners find success.

Navigating through our sites, you’ll find a military lifestyle side, including our lifestyle blog and the military browser as well as a business side which includes our B2B site and our business marketing blog. With those, you’ll find our resources and non-profit center where we feature businesses, non-profits and individuals doing great things for our community.

Serving our military members and their families

digital.jpgWe believe in being current, cutting edge and prevalent in the needs and wants of our military community. Through the Washington Military Resource Directory, our website, social media and phone app, we are the best military resource available in the state of Washington. We make the connection between your business and the military community.

We work hard because our military members, veterans and retirees have given up their lives and made incredible sacrifices so that we can live the life that we do. While we can never repay that debt, we can do whatever possible to get these men and women everything they need to be successful, healthy and independent post-service.

Serving our community and small business owners

Along with serving our military community, West Coast Publishing wants to serve the local business community and help it thrive. Our office has dedicated media and marketing professionals that are dedicated to studying niche markets around the Puget Sound Area that will consult and provide free materials for business owners.

You don’t have to advertise with us to be a partner or serve our military community, so reach out and get in touch with us today to start making a connection with those who serve in our wonderful community.