Featured Business: The Lash Gal

Tucked into her neighborhood in Orting, Washington, Samantha “Sam” Falzone lives in a house with her husband and pets. Each day someone new comes in and leaves feeling brilliant and beautiful.
Sam recently launched her own business out of a main room in her home.  The Lash Ga is her brainchild – a full-service waxing and lash extension salon owned and operated by her alone.
The Lash Gal opened its doors this fall after Sam graduated from beauty school and decided to work for herself. Before getting her official license this June, Sam worked at coffee stands and Starbucks. the-lash-gal
“I love doing this now,” Sam said. “I love getting to know my clients, talk to them, and spend time with them. It can be really therapeutic for both of us.”
Before partnering with the West Coast Publishing team, Sam did all of her marketing through word of mouth and social media. Now that her business is gaining traction, Sam is looking to expand her client base and reach a larger audience. With her husband being a former member of the Navy and father in the Army, she looked to West Coast Publishing to run her first set of ads.
“It’s been really surprising how many people reach out,” Sam said. “It surprises me when they just find me with no previous connection.”
Open to any man or woman looking to get waxed or eyelash extensions, The Lash Gal is available Friday-Tuesday. Appointments can be made online.

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