Our Local Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

Yesterday, about 75 veterans gathered at American Lake Park by the VA Hospital to meet and discuss life after military service. 

The event was sponsored by the local chapter of National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide (NA2EVS), a national campaign to raise awareness. NA2EVS’s main focus areas are Education, Research, Resources and Community, or as they refer to it: ER2C.

In Tacoma, the group met for lunch at the park at 3, played bingo, networked and held a raffle for gift baskets. Washington Military Resource Media donated a gift basket, but also attended the event to thank vets for their service.

14330142_1166493813394070_5963744617425426831_n.jpgWith 22 veterans taking their lives each day, this is an issue we cannot ignore as a community. That is one life every 65 minutes and 8,000 lives each year.

To join the fight and, or, donate to the cause, visit NA2EVS.org for more information and events happening near you.

Our local chapter’s next fundraiser is in October. Local NA2EVS member Crestina Marez, who is also a vet, is throwing a Tupperware Fundraiser to support the non-profit group. The tupperware fundraiser will send 40% of the profits to NA2EVS and will take place at American Legion Hall on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m.

To learn more about the event or support the local chapter, contact Crestina at 253-272-5397.


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