Finding our niche market

West Coast Publishing took a “break” from updates for a while, we weren’t napping, partying or playing ping pong in the office – no, we’ve been researching, developing media and fine tuning our market analysis. What did we find? That we’ve had the perfect Pacific Northwest community and market all along: The Military.

Some Quick Figures

  • Joint Base Lewis-McCord (our local military base) is the largest employer in our county.
  • In that community, they are responsible for $3.2 billion in payroll.
  • At 415,000 acres, JBLM is the largest installation in the Western United States.
  • Forty percent of active duty soldiers retire here.
  • Ninety percent live off base and all over the community.
  • The average income is $79,300 and it’s the most stable form of income in the country.

But statistics aren’t everything…

What really makes the military community stick out is not only that they are stable, reliable and consistent. The men and women in are armed forces are a part of a close-knit group, they share things with each other, give advice and will remain loyal to companies they have good experiences with.

At West Coast Publishing, we’re truly proud to support the men and women in our military communities. We couldn’t think of a better niche group to bring our services and aid to.

Does your business run solely based on a niche audience? Want to get involved in a niche or military community? West Coast Publishing and Washington Military Resource Media are doing it successfully, consistently and would love to hear from other companies doing the same or wanting to.


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