Peek into military life

Curiosity might be one of the most undervalued qualities that all good leaders should have. 

“This often overlooked trait that simultaneously connotes an unquenchable intellect and a seemingly less desirable childlike whimsy separates the ordinary leader from the extraordinary. Curiosity helps them connect with individuals – key to influence especially at lower levels.”

mystic-day-3Wrote Joe Byerly, a Combat Officer in the United States Army. Not only is Byerly military member, but he is also the author and creator of From the Green Notebook, a military blog that dives into issues, history and theories that military members and organizations digest all the time.

For people who aren’t in “the know” about the military or its sectors, ranks, etc… I challenge you to get curious and take a second to look through some of these blogs, written by service members about their lives and what keeps them going. To be an ally to the community, you have to engage, understand and attempt to relate.

My Favorite Military blogs:

  • From the Green Notebook, as you know, written by an officer in the US Army. Here’s what Byerly has to say: “From the time I was a second lieutenant, I’ve kept a green notebook which I’ve used to capture notes from professional reading, lessons learned, and observations as I’ve progressed in the Army. Many of the posts on this site are an outgrowth of this practice.  As you read these posts, I hope you find something useful and that I am able to make a positive contribution to your green notebook.”
  • Blogs of Warwritten by John Little who’s covered national security and intelligence since 2002. He’s worked on analysis with BBC, CBC, ABC, PBS and CNN. His blog covers anything from the future of military equipment to current events.
  • Bebehblogwritten by Suzanne, a 33-year-old Navy wife with three kids and one coming in a month. Suzanne and her family live in Connecticut and share the challenges of being a military family. Suzanne is also a photographer and shares great pictures of her life (like the one above) in her blog. 

So get curious. Take a second, click through. Put yourself in the shoes of a soldier, of a reporter and of a significant other… if you want to be an ally, it has to start with learning, then embracing, then acting.


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